Edward G. Udell, Sr. – Your Next Motivational Speaker!!!

  • Buffalo Soldier Storyteller
  • Author, Fire in Their Eyes
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Your Legal Assistant
  • Grant Writer
  • Chaplain
  • Minister
  • Poet

More about this Buffalo Soldier:

For over 50 years, Ed Udell, Sr., direct descendant of Western Buffalo Soldier, Private Jefferson Goldsmith, and Civil War Soldier, General Robert E. Lee, has been helping individuals, churches, non-profit organizations, and communities with a simple message: when hurting, disadvantaged people get a helping hand from people willing to help them implement ways to get them on their feet mentally, physically, morally, spiritually, and financially, they help build allies to help develop America.

Since he was two years old, his mother exposed him to the many hurts abused women and children suffer as he listened to his mother give counsel and advice to fractured families hurt by uncaring men. His work has involved him with a family law firm that is helping hundreds of families deal with the legal system that is often unjust to women and children without sufficient funds to get justice. He is also a legal insurance consultant.

With his research, his community helps projects, and his presentations, Ed has been building interest in people willing to use their talent, time, treasure, and information that brings together the worlds of rural people, suburban residents, and urban citizens in ways that help everyone have a better understanding of how to work together.

An ordained minister, Udell is a Community Consultant, helping small non-profits; former National Grant Writer Instructor with Urban America USA; Volunteer Chaplain at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum; helps small churches with ministry development, outreach and youth work; and is a Diversity Scholar with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Udell is also a Ford Fellow with the Urban Training Center in Chicago, Illinois. He has an AA degree in Business Administration from Bakersfield Community College; a BA degree in Christian Education, with a minor in Psychology from Whitworth University; a M. Ed. in Educational Administration, with a minor in Counseling from Whitworth’s School of Education; a M. Sc. in Leadership from Grand Canyon University; 60 units towards a doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development at Grand Canyon University; and a honorary doctorate from Bell Grove Theological Seminary; and is doing advanced training in training pastors from FaithLife Ministries.

In his first book in an upcoming series, Fire in Their Eyes, Ed writes a novel on how four generations deal with racism from Texas to Oklahoma to California from the 1920s to the 1960s. Future novels deal with the generations from the 1600s to the 1920s, and then from the 1960s to the present. Another series will examine the family’s connections in Africa, the Middle East, and their connections with Ruth, Solomon, David, Abraham, Noah, Ham, and Adam.

Ed was introduced to helping people through his mother, Cassie Mae (Roland) Udell McCain, who began helping people at age 5 by helping her father in ministry building pioneer churches and counseling people. Cassie Mae often brought hurting family members and others into her home, feeding and clothing them, counseling, praying with them, helping them find resources, and doing all she could to help get families and individuals back upon their feet. As a child, Ed often went with his mother to help others, or assisted when they came to the house. Later, he incorporated the principles of primitive Christianity, the work of his grandfather, and the concerns of his mother into a work known as the House of Solomon in Spokane, Washington. When political and religious enemies caused Ed to leave Spokane quickly upon the advice of the family attorney, he continued helping people in Ft. Worth, Texas. Later, he re-organized his work and it became known as Bridge Ministries, International, in Oakland, California in 1992. He continues that work today from the Greater Houston, Texas area. He is also a new pastor of a small church, New Victory Temple, in the College Station/Bryan Texas area.

A former educator and community activist, Ed’s message describes how helping people with resources and understanding is the key to making permanent, positive changes in the lives of families and communities in America’s inner cities and urban areas. An enthusiastic speaker who still struggles with Stuttering, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Information Processing Disorder (IPD), and still deals with racial responses with insensitive people, Ed comes across as an inspiration speaker. Ed has consulted with companies, politicians, churches, schools, and non-profits, helping with issues of diversity, racial understanding, fundraising, grant writing, and community development.